Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Bunch of Stuff

A lot to report about. I went out west and visited with my family, check on my mom and I also got to visit w/ Penni, Holmes and Naughty Nola. I really needed a cardi fix by then, Thanks Penni.
While home I did make a trip to Ojo Caiente and had some girl time with my sister which I always enjoy.
I missed Miss Flirts 8th birthday so we celebrated with Willie Man, his 11th birthday on July 15. I went to Three Dog Bakery and got goodies for all the dogs, it was hard letting Flirt and William pick out the ones they wanted.
Next I went up to Marshall, MI with Bonnie for Gingers be-butt and we came home with a 3 pt major. I would have liked both of them but I shared with Bonnie and her cute little girl Laney.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Well we tried to qualify for USDAA agility nationals that will be held in Louisville, KY in October but fell a little short. I was able to get a team Q w/ Bonnie and Lilly our team is The Long and Short of It, cute huh. :) I also squeaked out a Steeplechase Q today. It's a little unfair as if there are not enough 8" dogs they have to compete with the 12" dogs. Flirt and I came in 2nd as she is usually very competitive, so it was 1st 12" dog 2nd 8" dog 3rd 12" dog and that is all they allow to qualify. My friend had a clean run and would have Q'd but they only allow 3 dogs to advance. Boy this is a little confusing. We also have a Grand Prix Q but at last I needed at least 2 Q's in Grand Prix and or 2 Q's in Steeplechase. Well I guess I will just cheer everyone on, buy some stuff and they have great vendors and probably do a little volunteering. I LOVE MY FLIRT with all my HEART.