Saturday, July 25, 2009

Buzz Man

As promised here is a picture of Buzz the English Springer Spaniel I run.
Don't you just LOVE those ears. :) I do.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fun at Bernheim Forest

I tried my hand at geocaching, Thanks to Alex (Buzz's owner), she gave me a wonderful gift for running Buzz. A seeing eye chihuahua (GPS) I think I'll call her Rosita Chiquita. :) So off we went to the forest and it was only right that Alex accompany me in our first quest. Alex told me the Dr. put her on new meds that made her stupid, she wasn't kidding. Like a dummy I asked her which way do you want to go? She said let follow the creek bed. So we did. It was dry at first but then we ran into some water and William tried his best to avoid the water, in the end he ended up wet. :) Flirt had a gay time and so did Jeter, (they like water). Then we had to climb an incline of lets say, super steep, the short legged dogs (mine) had a hell of a time but Alex's Boston Terrier Astro fared quite well. The national forest closed at 7:30 so we did not want to get locked up all night so we called it quits and no luck with the first geocache. :(