Saturday, March 24, 2012


I've got to let everyone know that 2 of my girls and I have had a very good couple of weeks. 
We started out going to Franklin, TN and Ginger went BOW on Sunday and I loved the judges comments:  "She was her slam dunk choice." :)  When Ginger and I get it right I feel she owns the ring.  Flirt was Best In Veteran Sweeps, I just LOVE this girl.
The next weekend was the Louisville Cluster and I played agility with Flirt on Thursday and Sunday.  We are back in excellent as we work through the preferred classes.  She was 6 for 6 with five 1st and one 2nd.  She is a great team mate and oh so smooth, most of the time.  I feel that when Miss Flirty and I are on our runs are poetry in motion.  On Saturday we had a supported entry with Ms Kathy Davis and that darn sister Lowri won again, could not have happened to a better dog.  Miss Flirt was awarded Best Veteran In Sweeps by Ms Davis.  Our regular classes were judged by Ms Emily Fish and I am very pleased to report that she awarded my Ginger Best of Winners for a 3 point major.  Then my girl turned around and went Best of Winners for another 3 point major, as I said life has been pretty darn good. 
Last night I made 50 lbs of dog food, my poor wrist was killing me because of mixing all that food, but my dogs are very happy.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Photo Shoot

After tracking we took a walk and then I saw a sculpture and needed to take a few camera shots.