Saturday, March 24, 2012


I've got to let everyone know that 2 of my girls and I have had a very good couple of weeks. 
We started out going to Franklin, TN and Ginger went BOW on Sunday and I loved the judges comments:  "She was her slam dunk choice." :)  When Ginger and I get it right I feel she owns the ring.  Flirt was Best In Veteran Sweeps, I just LOVE this girl.
The next weekend was the Louisville Cluster and I played agility with Flirt on Thursday and Sunday.  We are back in excellent as we work through the preferred classes.  She was 6 for 6 with five 1st and one 2nd.  She is a great team mate and oh so smooth, most of the time.  I feel that when Miss Flirty and I are on our runs are poetry in motion.  On Saturday we had a supported entry with Ms Kathy Davis and that darn sister Lowri won again, could not have happened to a better dog.  Miss Flirt was awarded Best Veteran In Sweeps by Ms Davis.  Our regular classes were judged by Ms Emily Fish and I am very pleased to report that she awarded my Ginger Best of Winners for a 3 point major.  Then my girl turned around and went Best of Winners for another 3 point major, as I said life has been pretty darn good. 
Last night I made 50 lbs of dog food, my poor wrist was killing me because of mixing all that food, but my dogs are very happy.

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  1. I just dig in up to my elbows to mix the food -- that way my wrist doesn't hurt. I just think about something else while I'm mushing around in all the ground meat and veggies.