Sunday, August 28, 2011

This Is For The Birds

Well I usually use dehydrated raw but I had purchased 20# of chicken thighs and quarters and my organ meat. I definitely did not want it to go bad so I picked up apples, oranges, squash, carrots and broccoli. I had already purchased a meat grinder, great knife, poultry scissors, etc. this was on the advice of Miss Raw.
So off I went to grind up everything, this is a really, really messy job. Broccoli is a pain to grind, don't ask me why but it is. OK then we go on to the meat, I thought I had a decent grinder but I had to stop many times to clean the blades of bone, I was getting a little frustrated, OK a little more then frustrated.
Now I'm on the down hill slide, not. Putting everything in containers is a royal pain the the butt.
I started with the total amount to feed 5 dogs per feeding per bag and decided that was not very practical for me. Then I thought why not make medallions so I made some 2oz ones for Ginger and Amelia, very slow process. I'm getting better as the night goes on, did I tell you I'm a slow learner. :) I brought out my 1/8 cup measure and it makes medallions pretty damn close to 1 oz so that's what were doing. I put as many possible on a pizza tray and freeze then into bags in the deep freeze. I average about 50 per bag, I'm still not done and this is the second day, did I tell you this is a real pain in the ass.
So I figure making 26#'s of raw will take this average bear around 14 hours. I really don't have an extra 14 hours so I will stick with the dehydrated unless I get some game meat this fall for free or really cheap.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ginger goes to school

Ginger started obedience class this past Thursday evening and there is a mixture of breeds.
We have GSD's, Airedale Terrier, Min Schnauzer, and a few others and Gingers liked every one she meet. Looking forward to seeing her learn and grow, she's a smart little whipper snapper.

Monday, August 15, 2011


For the most part I had a wonderful time up in Oberlin, OH at the Western Reserve. The Greig Family is such a wonderful bunch of folks who work so very hard and do it for the love of this wonderful breed. The downer was the Janet had to head home early to care for her mother and we missed her company. There was just tons of good stuff from the weekend and the most BEUATIMUS girl in the world, that would be Ginger had a very good weekend. She placed in the ribbons all 6 times she was shown in a very competitive class of beautiful dogs, two of which were her sisters. One of her rosettes is MIA, but here is the results: Friday 3rd Sweeps (her sisters Lowri 2nd and Sally 4th), regular class 2nd (sister Lowri 1st) and Reserve Winner Bitch under Cathy O (sister Lowri was WB). Saturday 3rd sweeps, I told Cheryl K I was tired of looking at her and Lowri's back ends and I was going to bet there butts and that is exactly what we did, Ginger 1st regular class. Sunday 3rd sweeps (I see a pattern) and regular class 1st again. Ok now for Miss Flirty, first she had to relearn to gait on grass and not hop, but she got the hang of it. She placed 1st under Cathy O, I'm very proud of this. I learned alot this weekend some wonderful grooming tips, thanks Cheryl M and also some handling tips, you would think I've never been in the ring before, thanks Susan S. Many many thanks to Susan and Cheryl for packing me and my dogs in her van. :) Cheryl was trying to take a picture of me with all the luggage but I caught her.